Gotta Love Your Name


IMG_6498.JPGDo you know that God made you and you are unique? First of all He knew you before you were even born. Psalm 139:13-18 He says you are chosen and set apart 1 Peter 2:9,10

We are more than a number but our Name identifies us. If you know someone so well and someone says their name to you, everything about them is brought to your mind. Your heart is filled with different emotions about them. One thing that is always good to do when a name comes to your mind, you thank God for bringing this life into your life. You may feel the need to pray for someone when you hear their name.

I have started making custom names and so my mind is filled with many people. When someone brings me a name to make, I learn of their story and I thank God for all of you and I can say I know you by name. God knows you by Name. Isaiah 43:1-2

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