Hello, my name is Julie. Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Please look around and I hope you will enjoy your visit.

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I showed talent as an artist while I was growing up but it was 2008 when I decided to pick up the paint brush and start painting again after 26 years. I spent my earlier years drawing in charcoal (black and white). My goal was to pick up commissioned pieces hoping for some quick money doing portraits of people and animals. However, when I would work on people, I would get some not so easy to hear comments. I found people were critical portraits. They would point out something that they didn’t like on the painting. I took it as another bit of rejection and I would end up taking me much longer than I intended because I would suffer with anxiety thinking I would once again spend so much time on something they would criticize. I went deeper into my perfection issues.

I then heard in my spirit that still small voice from the Lord. “He said, “You can draw me, I don’t care if it’s not perfect.” So I started working on pictures of Him that had come to me.


I am so glad I found the love of painting. I love that I came to realize that an artist has the freedom of expression. Where I once feared of going outside the lines, I now have the freedom to create what my mind sees.

I recognize my talent comes from God. I am not ashamed to say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My life has had the greatest change for the better. And so in saying that, where I once could only paint or draw things that I could see with my visual eye sight, now I can see visuals in my mind that I have decided to paint. They speak a message in my heart and as I begin to journey into a new dimension of my painting, I pray and ask for your prayers for the anointing to continue fall on me.

Thank you for coming. I hope you will keep coming back.


Lion and Lamb complete